Art During The Pandemic

25—31 October 2021 Exeter UK

University of Exeter

MA International Contemporary Art: Curation and Business

How has Chinese art history influenced Chinese contemporary art in the global context?

There are many contemporary Chinese artists who work at the intersection of the long art historical traditions in China and the global contemporary art context.


Judith is studying for a MA in Curation and is currently undertaking research into different factors relating to the development of Chinese contemporary art for her dissertation. As part of the Curation MA, she undertook an internship at the Government Art Collection. She also has a background in Business.

This dissertation starts by following the journey of Chinese history and Chinese art history that led to Chinese contemporary art today, and how this relates to, but can still be distinguished from, the global context of contemporary art. Throughout the dissertation different factors will be considered, such as how Western art has infl uenced the Chinese tradition and introducing Chinese contemporary artists in different generations.

Judith Wai image