Art During The Pandemic

25—31 October 2021 Exeter UK

University of Exeter

MA International Contemporary Art: Curation and Business


Reworking is a project that consists of two participatory workshops, followed by an exhibition of the outcomes, exploring how processes of making and material-based artforms are associated to self-realization.


My curatorial practice focuses on socially engaged art works and artist led workshops. Exploring how we can learn through creating whilst investigating the mental health benefits of creative collaboration. Through my BA in Fine Art, I became interested in socially engaged art practices by making my own artwork interactive. I have since furthered my understanding of collaborative artmaking and drafting my own concepts through the Curation MA. By interning at Positive Light Projects, I have been able to contribute to a range of workshops and subsequently gain the skills I need to draft my own.


Artist and printmaker Molly Rooke’s work negotiates themes of preservation and restoration through coastal geography and heritage. Through re-appropriating and disrupting archives using processes of repetition and reproduction, she aims to shift and manipulate the narratives that surround these items. Currently she is using traditional methods of domestic fixing and repair in an expanded form, the work focuses on the degradation and erosion of the Somerset and Devon Coastline and what might be considered futile attempts to protect it from being eroded any further.

Working with participants from Recovery Devon and Exeter College the project centres on how turning to creative practices during the Covid-19 lockdowns has helped us feel connected to one another. We will be using artist Molly Rooke’s thought provoking processes and themes of restoration to question how repairing our surroundings and environment can help us to refl ect upon our own wellbeing.

Olivia King image 1 Small
Olivia King image 1 Small